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Thread: DH Wheels Are Turning :)

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    Thumbs up DH Wheels Are Turning :)

    I'm new here and very happy to have found an active board to chat on!

    My DH and I thought I was preggers last month (this would have been a wonderful, yet accidental thing) but AF showed up April 18th. It was very short and somewhat light. Has anyone actually been pregnant and had this happen before? AF in the first month???

    But enough about that....I had a long talk with my husband last night about having a baby. I think I scared him at first since up until now we have been the waiting kind....wait for years to have kids. It hasn't been a topic at all until I thought I might be pregnant. Now I see the wheels turning in his head. He just called me (I am at work) to say he wants to talk about this baby business when I get home. This, coming from a man who is not exactly talkative. So it will be a nice chat I'm sure.

    I just love my hubby so very much and think the best thing we could ever share is the experience of having a child. We both love children (and have many around us all the time) so this is not a really NEW thing for us to deal with....

    Okay, sorry for rambling. I am just excited for lots of reasons and thought I would get some of this off my chest since I haven't told anyone about any of this besides the DH!


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    Hi LilMrsK

    It's great that DH is as excited as you are about having a baby.

    Good luck and hope your TTC journey is a short one!!

    Take care

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    Abracadabra Guest


    That's great news LilMrsK. It's very exciting when they say they are ready so I know how you feel.

    Best of luck in your TTC journey

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    Thank you both for the replies. We are currently working on the 'to-do' list for our house and then we will know, new dishwasher, car, washer/dryer...those kinds of things.

    We got the washer/dryer last night. One down, 2 more to go. Now only if the car could be as cheap as the washer/dryer!

    Thanks for reading.

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    It's great he is excited about it. I know I was so excited when we decided to finally TTC in February. He is also very excited. It was scary though making that decision, so adult . We knew we wanted children but it was not a good time before now, I had been so clucky for years and now we can make a baby. It is lots of fun practising too even if it doesn't happen straight away

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    Its so exciting when you decide to start having kids, hopefully it won't take too long. On your other question my cousin and grandmother both had AF every month until they were 5 months pg so it is possible to be pg and have that kind of a bleed.

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    Hi LilMrsK and congratulations! It is so exciting deciding to have a baby! my first two were happy accidents so we were both SO ecxited to actually plan a baby. I was so impatient too cos we decided last July but I had to wait until September for my depo shots to even begin to wear off. Best of luck to you.....I really hope it is a short and sweet journey for you!

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    Yes it is possible to still be pregnant and bleed. A lot of women get implantation bleeds and bleeding for other reasons throughout pg. Unless you are showing some pg signs though I wouldn't worry about testing. If you are feeling some, then test away.

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