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    Question Did you.....

    Hey girls,
    I was just wondering if those who were having trouble TTC used any vitamins/herbs to give your body a little hand out?
    If so what did you use?
    Really interested in those who had irregular cycles.


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    I tried vitex... no go.

    A naturopath put me on a foul-tasting concoction of licourice, peony and dandelion... no go.

    I'm currently trying acupuncture with some success, and will very soon be starting clomid.

    For me the problem is more than just being a little irregular - I have PCOS. After my stint with vitex (it possibly made things worse, maybe didn't do a thing, or perhaps it did actually help a little - so hard to tell when you go 70+ days between AF!) I can say that it's a good idea to consult a naturopath before you start taking anything.


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    I am convinced my IVF cycles worked because of the Elevit that i was taking...I feel that it was a contributing factor to my success....Good luck

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    I am taking the Blackmores multivitamins with folate, and I tried Vitex to regulate my periods (I have PCO) but they only seemed to make them longer (70+ days are not fun I agree BW).

    You should try speaking to your pharmacist, there is often a herbalist working in pharmacies too who may be able to help.

    Good luck.

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