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Thread: Do symptoms come and go during TWW??

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    Default Do symptoms come and go during TWW??


    Does anyone know or have experienced their symptoms coming and going? Yesterday I had tender boobs but today they're not and the blue veins I feel have faded (but only slightly) but the nipples are still darker then norm and quite large and soft- not perky. I am now 11DPO and two days ago I had period like pains but haven't had any blood. I was starting to get a little excited but shouldn't the symptoms increase not decrease? I still have creamy CM, but it is not green, it is more yellowish? I also feel like I have alot of adrenalin in me- as if I have had 10 cups of coffee. Typing these keys, I am shaking a bit. I also woke up after 10 hours sleep still very tired- I could go back for more.

    Is this normal, and have any of you had these ups and downs? I would really love to hear from you. Sorry about the new thread.

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    Default hi ya

    I thought i would answer you, i have also has alot of CM it was egg white but now it is turning like a yellow colour. still alot of it. I also am tired, getting headeaches. having slight cramps. spasms in belly?? what ever that is (still to find out) i have been doing hpt's and getting very very faint bfp. im not sure what day past ovulation i am to be honest, but i do know that im on CD38, which is very weird for me.

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