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Thread: Do you think I'm Preggy????

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    Default Do you think I'm Preggy????

    Hi all,

    Just wondering what you think of my chart. I was feeling really hot in temperature yesterday and more nausea is kicking in (especially in the car). My stomach turned at the smell of a strong vinegar at lunch yesterday.

    Number one symptom is the persistance of sore boobies. I'm testing tomorrow but just wanted to touch base with some wise women inbetween dashing from In-laws to Parent's homes.

    My temp did drop slightly today, but I was staying at my parents-in-laws house and I have heard that a change of location can affect temps....... This months temps are the highest above the coverline that I've ever had.

    Ohhhh, so hoping tomorrow is a !!!

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    Chart's looking great there.... This could be it

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    Wow your chart looks good and your symptoms sound great!! How can you wait until tmw ??? GL hun xx

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