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    Default Doc Appointment costs...

    We are going to start TTC in about July this yer... just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much Doc appoints etc cost. We are in a private health fund, and i guess we were thinking of having the bub at a private hospital, but i have heard the costs of doctors are still quite expensive???
    Kirsty xx

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    I'm not in a private fund, but SIL had her baby recently under private care and she paid $80 per visit with her ob. I don't know how much she got back from her fund though. HTH

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    I pay about $50 per visit to see my OB and get about half back from Medicare.

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    Definatly check out your own health insurance for the fine print, because with the recent price lift, there has been some changes to some policies, so not only are you having to pay more, some things may be added but then others excluded.

    im still in the process of rereading ours- but have found out that if your pregnant it only covers costs for you, not your baby once its born, unless you have it covered by insurance for a certain amount of time.

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    My OB was also the DR at my clinic so was being charger $46 and getting about $30 back.

    We just went over the medicare threshold so you get 85% back instean of 80%.

    Most OB's though charge in between 50-100 I think.

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