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Thread: Does anyone else have family history of Downs???

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    Question Does anyone else have family history of Downs???

    Hi I'm new to this and while we're not TTC at the moment we will be in the next few months. I just have one hesitation. My older brother had downs syndrome (he passed about 10 years ago) and while there was no other known family history of it my Dad's family history is a little sketchy.
    Has anyone else had to deal with this? I know i'm not the only person out there but I'm a bit nervous as I wouldn't know what to do!
    Are there any tests that can be done to see if its hereditary?

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    KazB as far as I understand Downs is caused by a chromosome imbalance when the sperm and the egg are fused together, and therefore is not genetic in the sense that it is hereditary.

    This is why most parents of Downs babies are older, because there are more likely to be flaws in the way their sperm/eggs join together, although some Downs babies are born to younger mothers.

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    My DH's aunt has Downs (she is 20 years younger than DH's dad). As we are 'older' parents I checked this out when TTC. I was told that the family history doesn't come into it but that it's that 'accident' that happens witht he chromosomes as Sally said.

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    KazB, it might put your mind at ease to speak to a Genetic Counseller. I'm not certain what the latest research is re family genetics vs error in chromosomes - but seeking a specialist to advise re the odds or unlikelihood would at least give you more information before TTC.

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