Hi everyone,

My cycle is always smack bang on 28 days, and it the past I've always Od right when I'm meant to, around day 14 or 15, but this month I'm sure I O'd around day 10, felt O pain, and had heaps of EWCM. So of course we bd then , hoping to catch the eggie, and i spent the next 2 weeks waiting and waiting. I though one's luteal phase was always around 2 weeks, so i was expecting AF to come a bit earlier, but here I am, 2 and a half weeks past what i thought was O day, and still no AF??!

I have tested heaps of times this month already and BFN...does anyone know whether O date can change in each cycle, but cycle length stay the same?

Or did i O at normal time and missed it?

Oh its all too much!!

Thanks in advance!