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Thread: Does anyone recognize this?

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    Default Does anyone recognize this?

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone else recognizes this.
    I have been trying to conceive since jan last year. Not very active as hubby was still a bit hesitant. But a couple of months we were bding at the right (?) time.

    My cycles are pretty much regular at 25-26 days.
    I am at CD 7 now and have some mild (extremely mild) cramping.
    Last cycle I have had period like cramping from at least a week before AF arrived.
    I usually get EWCM mid cycle.
    Does a regular period mean you ovulate regular as well (not really into temping)?
    What's with all the cramping? I have never felt an ovulation before, so can't image I start feeling them now.

    When i was 10 i was put on estrogen to get me to mentruate, as I was getting too tall.
    So maybe the hormones are preventing me to conceive?

    We are actively trying now, but as i work late (hotel) and he works days, it's kinda hard too find the time to bd (and when he's tired bding is the last thing on his mind, while I would do anything for a good course)
    Any tips for us or any one who has experience with conceiving after having been given hormones in her teens?
    Thanx, and sorry for the long story. Hope it makes sense....

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    If you are having regular periods then your ovulation should be regular too.
    I used to find that sometimes I had more ovulation pain one cycle and the next wasn't so bad. In fact the cycle when Caleb was conceived was particularly bad with crampy pains lasting for 4 days. I was convinced I might have released more than one egg!

    Are you getting EWCM along with the pains? If so then this is a great sign!

    Get DH motivated

    I've never heard of giving hormones to bring on periods and stop growing. I hope someone here can help you with that part of your question.
    Good luck!

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    Have you been OPKing? I have found it gives you a clear 'window of opportunity' and at least you can pin point the days in your cycle your more likely to fall pregnant. Remembering there are only a couple of days within a womans cycle in which she is fertile, therefore fall pregnant - for some woman its shorter.

    Maybe start charting your cycle, and after a few months, if nothing has happened (i.e ) then take your chart and yourself of to your Dr, get everything checked out........

    Hoping you wont have to do the above, and the cramping is your sign of a

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    I hadnt experienced o pains as bad as i did when we concieved the dull to sharp pain last 4 days... I would bd as much as you can even it means tying him down hehehe.... All the best...

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    Thanks guys, it's kind of frustrating that my body is different every month when it comes to this.
    This month, it feels like my AF type cramping never stopped even though my AF has left the building since new years eve!
    It's much less of course but still, there's cramping on a daily bases!

    O well, I'll just start the 2ww again!

    Good luck everyone!

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