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Thread: don't know whats happening??

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    Arrow don't know whats happening??

    hello, my husband and i are ttc. I finised the pill three or four weeks ago and had a period after i stopped the pill that started on the 1st of november and finished on the 7th of november. We had sex and started to try to concieve on the 11 th of November. Today i have had a little stained discharge that is a brown. Not like a period much lighter, and not comming out like a period just a discharge. I didn't bleed after we had sex and i don't have any sti's(been tested). Does anybody know what this could be?

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    Hi Afi,

    Congrats on starting to ttc. Wishing you loads of luck and hope you get a bfp soon. Well, the brown discharge could be your body adjusting to you being off the pill and sometimes you can experience a withdrawl bleed or some change in your cycle. This should settle soon though. Also, the body is getting use to its own hormones levels so that might have caused some spotting. Brown blood is usually old blood so I wouldnt worry too much at this stage.

    Good luck and hope you have a healthy bfp soon


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