Now I am really confused and sad. I am now right for testing. My AF was due to arrive yesterday or today so I took a cheapo HPT. After the time, there was no line but a faint dot right in the middle (width and length) of where the line would read. So I ducked out and bought another HPT, this time the digital one and quickly came home and did it, quickly reading the notes. This time I decided to collect my urine in a cup and then test and after the time it came up BFN. This test says you can read up to 4 days early but when I closely read the instructions it said if choosing to put in a cup and dip it you are suppose to dip it for 20 seconds!!!- I only did 5 seconds as supposed to do when peeing directly on it. I am so upset now, because I have alot of symptoms and now i am afraid I could have just imagined it or a BFAF is about to come very soon.