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Thread: Double D'oh and bugger

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    Hi girls,

    God life can be so damn cruel sometimes.Well Aunty flo showed up. I was so sure she wouldnt. I was sure that this was my month! But no my body had other ideas. I had decided well thats it, I'm sick of trying;won't bother anymore if my body wont co-operate. But hangong an minute. I WANT ANOTHER CHILD. I am a great mum, I am worthy of having another child. YET. I met this islander woman yesterday-a friend of a friend. She is having baby no6. Was wearing a mini skirt with red lace undies, a halter top with a black lace bra. No front teeth,bright red lipstick. Drinking bourbon and coke,smoking,and then later in the day went off for a joint. She is 39 and due to deliver next month but because she is skinny has been able to lie to the doctors as to her due date otherwise she cant fly back to NZ.All the while i'm observing this I'm trying to grab hold of her 2 year old as he is running around the park with a ring pull in his mouth form a can of coke(that he just drank). But she says Nahhh,mate he'll be FOINE!yerr right. Her idea on life is that you just keep backing the kids out till you find the right fella. All kids have different dads. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I was so ****ed! Its so bloody not fair. Dont get me wrong i adore my children and they are my blessed little angels but when i fell with them it took 2 months and 1 month with the other. Here i am 4th month and still nothing. Have i gone past my useby date. Do i have dead eggs?Has my partners virility dropped? why is my luteal phase 7,10,17. Ovulate anything from day 15 to 21. how am i ever going to get it right?GGGRRRR :fuming:

    Hope everyone is having a much easier go of things than me. good luck to everyone and baby dust by the truckload...p.s any advice or light than can be shed on my cycles would be immensely appreciated.

    Love ya's longtime

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    Ohhh's just one of those days. It's good that we have a place here where we can vent all we like and know that no one is going to judge us on our thoughts.....I totally agree with you. I can't stand seeing mothers who just keep popping out the kids but couldn't give a rats about them or their upbringing. Why can't they be the ones that have trouble getting pg instead of us who want children soooo badly...Such a cruel world sometimes.....

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    OMG I've got one word for THAT THING

    "FERAL" :fuming:

    It's people like that that make me furious, lucky I wasn't there I reckon I wouldn't be able to control myself, mind you by the sounds of her, she'd probably king hit me.....

    Mate Keeping trying have a good talking too your eggs and DH's ok hon.

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    Moving this one to General Conception Discussion.

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