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Thread: Drinking when TTC

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    Default Drinking when TTC

    Hi Ladies,

    My cousin and I are heading out to a show tonight and I'm wondering if it would be harmful to have a glass of wine before and one after the show? I ovulated yesterday do I would be 1 DPO today. Do you think the wine would be harmful if we managed to catch the eggie this month?

    PS: Please reply soon, we are heading out shortly.


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    Aquariangypsii Guest


    Thanks Kate, that's just what I wanted to hear. Hubby was telling me to be careful and I said it should be okay because implantation hasn't occured yet.

    I have been waiting for this show for months and have really been looking foward to it, and we're going out to tea beforehand so it would be nice to have a glass of wine with dinner.

    Thanks for your quick reply!

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    I had a whole bottle of wine the other night and I was 11DPO... I got a BFP today... so one or two glasses won't hurt.

    I have been told, as the umbilical (sp) cord hasn't attatched yet its not eating what you are.

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    A couple of glasses of wine is OK
    Go and enjoy yourself

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    Probably a bit late, but enjoy yourself! The baby hasn't implanted yet, in fact conception may even occur during the show (as conception time DOES NOT equal BD time) so you'll be safe.

    Believe it or not, those little babbies are right tough old things. Firstly, they manage to parasitically attack your body and make you not reject it, and then not only make you go off things that are bad for it, but they have your liver and kidneys working overtime just in case.

    The only time I would say not to drink at all would be if you're driving. Hope you are pg this time and have to use the "designated driver" excuse for the next few months!

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    Aquariangypsii Guest


    Thanks so much for all your replies. Had Thai for dinner and a glass of wine, watched a great show and had a glass of wine after, and could do it all guilt free thanks to you guys

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    Aquariangypsii Guest


    Well I thought I was 1 DPO yesterday because since CD 1 I have been getting temps of about 36.3 (and a +'ve OPK on Thursday) then on Friday (CD23 I think) I had a temp of 36.6 which is what it usually goes up to after 'O' but this morning I got a temp of 36.3 again so I must have tried to ovulate but didn't quite make it. Today I have done 2 OPK's and got a major +'ve both times (test line was super dark). It's a bit confusing really, and frustrating. I will try to atach my chart, could you ladies tell me what you think?


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