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    I'm new at this.. this is my first post. Well.... my fiance and I had sex in the middle of my cycle (around the time i would have been ovulating) and the next day i forgot to take the pill... I ALWAYS take the pill on time like clockwork however this day i forgot to and didn't take it until 12hours later... that was 8 days ago now and i'm due for my period this Monday (6 days away). Is it possible i may have conceived? I understand how the pill works and I know that you don't really ovulate when on the pill however is it possible i may have released an egg before i got around to taking the pill that night? I can't find out if i'm pregnant yet as it's too early to test... not even 5 days before period yet
    I've had many symptoms the last 2 days... tired, cramping (different to PMS), bloated, tender boobs, and i've even had indigestion/heartburn on and off over 2 days and i never get that. i've stopped taking the pill as of today just incase i am pregnant. if we are pregnant, we'll be happy however the plan was to wait another 6mths!!! these symptoms feel real and very different to what i've had before ever... never been pregnant before. i'm 25.
    What are your thoughts please??


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    pebbles2820 Guest


    One of my cousins and one of my friends have both fallen pregnant while taking the pill(maybe making a little mistake like yours) so it is definitley possible, unfortunately you'll just have to wait out the week. I also knew, from changes in my body, each time within days, even had negative blood test result when I was.

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    Hi there, I am also new at this and this is my first post 2!I am not sure if I can help you or not, but will try! My fiance and I have only been TTC for this month March, and I am not sure if I will be preggo or not (hope I am!) I ovulated last Thursday the 15th and bd 13th, 14th & 15th. Since 2dpo I have been having small pinching pains, like af but not as strong. I have also got a very tender left breast??? All this could be unrelated though... I have been pretty moody 2! I have a handful of tests (from ebay) and couldn't help myself from testing (BFN) my af isn't due for another 4 days or so.

    Good luck for you, i hope you get what you wish for!

    I dont know if mine are are preggo symptoms either, I have been charting my temps and they have been staying quite high... ahhh the waiting!

    I am 23 by the way

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    Hi Shell

    Yes it is very frustrating playing the waiting game! Turns out... i must have imagined all those symptoms as i'm not pregnant! I did a test at 15DPO (day after AF was due!) and it was neg... also got my period a few days prior too . I was a little disappointed as we would have been so happy if we were pregnant but at the same time, we weren't actively TTC (just yet)so it would have been a big surprise if we were preg. I believe it will happen when it is meant to. (easier said than done though huh! especially when we all really want to be mum's!)

    i'm off the pill for good now as we decided we want to TTC in July! I've been on the pill for 8yrs now so im glad my body is finally getting a break. I am enjoying BB and reading the other girls' stories about TTC and their symptoms and experiences etc... i'm learning alot.

    I suppose the symptoms i got were PMS symptoms but it was strange because my boobs hurt and i had cramps and normally i dont get any of that.
    I really hope you are pregant! Good Luck TTC and i do hope it happens soon for you and your fiance! Keep me updated okay??!! Maybe test couple days before period is due and then on the day? I've read that if you test too early you might get BFN's which can be disappointing even though you really are preg and the HCG level just isnt high enough so try and wait until 14DPO!

    Baby dust for you! :P

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