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    Does anyone know when the egg actually releases?
    I have been having ewcm the last two days, only a little bit though and then today I have had soooooooooo much ewcm and it is even more stretchy today so I figure today is the day I will ovulate but does the egg release before you see ewcm or when it stops?
    I feel so clueless at times!
    I have been bding all week but today have been at work but will bd hopefully again tonight but I'm wondering if I've had this ewcm all day if its too late to bd.
    Thanks, J

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    Charting is the best way to get to the closest way to know when the egg releases.
    Your cervical fluid changes throughout your cycle, increasing in quantity and becoming more clear and stretchy as you get closer to ovulation.

    Are you charting? what are your temps like?

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    DJTTC - about the feeling clueless: I read about EWCM but had no idea what it was like. For some reason I was associating it with boiled eggs – so expected it to be thick, lumpy and white. Then when someone said it was stretchy and I’d been baking the night before did it click. There’s always someone out there with a sillier story than you (though I am hoping someone can top mine!).

    Anyway, to agree with Sunny Summer, you usually O on the last day of EWCM or the day afterwards. This is because EWCM has these sperm-preservatives in so the sperm can swim better and last longer, useful before O but not too useful afterwards, when they don’t have to wait around. But taking temperatures and using OPKs are likely to be more accurate.

    And here’s another amusement: just had the picture of a load of spermies tapping their little tails waiting outside the ovary. 3 eggs are released and one says to the other “Typical! We’ve been waiting here for days then three come along at once.” That’s probably already a cartoon on a webpage for multiple babies, but the little picture is rather amusing.


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    As far as I am aware, from when the EWCM starts there can be up to 72hrs before the egg is released. Sooo if you are getting a bit of EWCM for 2 full days & then heaps today, I would say definately today (or yesterday now!).

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    The egg is beleived to be released 12 - 24 hours after the peak EWCM symptoms. You may not see anymore EWCM but you may still feel wet and slippery which is most likely the most fertile time. Once the CM has changed back to cloudy or opaque then your fertile time has passed.

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