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Thread: EWCM when did you get??

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    Default EWCM when did you get??

    Icky I know but I am so confused and my body is going nuts ater the misscarriage.
    When in your cycle do you get loads of CM? only during ovulation? a bit afterwards? some before af? never?

    I have not had af since my bleed with mc and I am bloated up like one of those blow fish things atm and fully expected af over a week ago .Boobs so so sore. I am not pregnant ( have tested several times and feel missed the egg if it was there as only BD once last month as was still a bit of a mess after mc. Is this just my body sorting itself out still? I have never had such cramps before af before and its worrying me I have so much CM atm and my hormones are mad. I will be lucky to conceive another child becasue my husband is likely to walk with the monster screaming heap he comes home to *L*

    I know I am babbling on..main question is about the CM though thanks,

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    oh im sorry to hear of your loss. I myself am still trying to figure out the difference with all my cm but normally i get watery/ EWCM a day or 2 before i ovulate and obviously on the day also if that helps you.

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    Hi India,

    For me it was probably 1-2 days before O

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