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Thread: Fertility Naturopath recommendations - Brisbane

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    We have been TTC for 11mths now and am off to the FS (Dr Barabra Hall) in a few weeks but am also keen to explore my "natural" options. (I have suspected endo)

    Any recommendations for a naturopath - esp someone around the inner-city/south brisbane area??

    Cheers Lillypilly.

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    Hi I am doing naturopathy but I don't think my naturopath is a fertility specialist. She is pretty confident she will get me ovulating but I need to see how it goes first before I would recommend her IYKWIM! Good luck! I was recommended Doug Abraham and went to see him once or twice before I had to move up north. He does massage therapy as well as naturopathy. I have heard he has had success. He is in Collingwood Park if you want to google him. There is also the 'Babymaker' Ruth Sharkey who is on the Gold Coast. HTH

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    Hi there. I can't really help you with the natural thing but I just wanted to say that I am seeing Barbara and she is fantastic. Good luck with your first visit with her. I hope you like her as much as I do.

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