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Thread: Finaly TTC!!!! YAY!!!

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    Talking Finaly TTC!!!! YAY!!!

    Hello everyone. Well i finaly got the good news from the hubby that we can TTC! I am so excited. But I do have one little problem. I joined and dont understand at all how the charting works. Could someone please help me ???? I am sooo confused.


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    Welcome to the world of TTC Rinnie! I hope your ttc journey is an enjoyable and short journey for you

    If you like you can join us over in the TTC 1-6mths thread! the girls over there are all very supportive, friendly and will help with any questions you may have....

    We all use FF (fertility friend) and it's just a matter of working your way thru it and using it to get used to it basically.... at first I didn't use it, i just in our fertile days for the first 3mths and after no luck, then decided to use FF.... it's great! Very informative and I've learnt heaps about my body that I never would have known otherwise... like when I ovulate, how long my cycle is, how long my LP is (luteal phase) etc etc.... although doing all this STILL hasn't helped me!! lol

    Wishing you all the best on your journey

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