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    Hey guys,
    I know that this is probably nothing but I have had some spotting today and I am 8DPO!
    I had spotting last month which I got excited about and turned out to be nothing AF next day but that was spotting at 12DPO.
    I guess I'll find out tomorrow if AF comes, I guess that will be a concern at 9DPO but I really hope its implantation bleeding!!!!! [-o<
    I have also been having headaches the last few days and something weird twice in the last few days I have all of a sudden become very hot and because I feel so hot I then feel sick.
    Last night in bed my heart rate felt like it was racing and I could hear it it was loud.
    Obviously there could be a sensible reason for all of this like maybe I'm coming down with something but I guess we all just hang on to the most trivial symptoms.
    Just needed to tell someone what I was thinking, thanks for listening.

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    your welcome could be an good spotting like and implentation bleed. good luck. [-o<

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    Good luck J !

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