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Thread: A first for someone with long cycles...

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    Question A first for someone with long cycles...

    Hi, my cycles are never less than 30 days (See below) and are sometimes up to 43 days.

    This cycle I have had ewcm for the past 2 days. (CD 10 & 11) I don't recall ever having ewcm so early and in 'decent' quantity. (TMI) Today it has been quite firm and stretchy.

    Anyone have any suggestions or experiences with this??

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    All I can say Ella's mum is that you should BD like crazy! Every cycle is different, and our bodies are a delicate balance of chemicals and cells. Who's to say what is right THIS cycle, even if all our other ones were different? Listen to your body NOW and not what has happened in the past.

    Wishing you the very best of luck!

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    My cycles were all over the place like yours. From memory we bd from 10 days of last af, every second day right through til I tested and hot my BFP. It worked, I am now 22 wks pg!

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