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Thread: First Try On Clomid

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    Default First Try On Clomid

    Hi Guys,

    It is CD 13 for me also my first month on Clomid. I went in for TV ultrasound this morning and was given an injection to give to myself. Something called a Trigger!!! Strange stuff for a newbie let me tell you. Anyway I am having DI and found out this afternoon that I am having the DI on Monday!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY. We have been waiting for sooooo long (had to have Rubella booster, no offence intended to anyone who has been trying for heaps longer) that I can't believe the day is actually within range!!

    On top of this emotional stuff I have been trying to organise a wedding. DF and I have been engaged for 6 years now and I finally decided that enough is enough. Booked us in to the registry office and it is all a go for the 23rd June OMG!!

    Anyway just needed to get all that out! Feelin heaps better for it 2!

    Here's hoping for a 2 everyone real soon.

    Luv Bec

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    It is so exciting to be getting anywhere after TTC for a while.
    I did clomid for 12 months and got really excited when I got a positive ovulation test..just between you and I lol we took the day of work!!!. Well done on the trigger injection that will realise your eggy for your DI on Monday,I really hope you are pregnant walking into the registery office.
    2 weeks wait may be a killer but atleast you are in with a real chance
    Fingers Crossed
    * PS I use to be BecM before marriage oohh so long ago

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    Cognratulations on both your eggies growing, getting your trigger injection and planning your wedding. So many exciting things going on in your life at moment. Enjoy everyday it's such a special time.
    Good luck catching that eggie.

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    Just moving to General Conception.

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