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    Default Folate?

    I can't believe how much I have forgotten since TTC Olivia. I researched everything from several different sources and now I can't remember anything .
    Do we still need to take folate for 3 months before TTC? If so I betta get started (I'm so excited, June isn't going to come quick enough).

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    Yep! I'd start taking it now!
    Or just get a pregnancy vitamin like blackmores.

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    They do reccomend that you take them before and during the pregnancy. Good luck for June!

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    Uep It is reccomended that you start taking folate 3 months before you become pregnant

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    My DH and I had a bit of a giggle about starting folate. Last time it took us 10 months so I had a good stash of folate in my system before we conceived, LOL!! He reckons I could hold off for a while but I'm choosing to be optimistic this time .

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    ....and for at least 3 months after conception.

    it is recommended you eat varied foods that contain folate and those with fortified folate (some breads and other bakery items are likely to be fortified - you can check the packaging info) in them and also a supplement (tablet etc) of at least 400 micrograms a day.

    good sources of natural folate include leafy vegetables, whole grains, peas, nuts, avocados and things with yeast extracts like marmite, promite, vegemite etc.

    ETA: Dan i have been on supplements etc for over 2 years while TTC and when i got my levels tested recently they were only just over the minimum recommendation. gave me a bit of a scare and i am much more conscientious about it now. Happy conceiving Dan

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