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Thread: Folic, iron etc which supplement is best

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    Question Folic, iron etc which supplement is best

    Hi all,

    I am off to buy new bottle of preconception vitamins. I have been on folic acid for three year and blackmores i-folic for the past 5 months, time flies......

    The problem I find is that to get Iron (which I need), folic acid and iodine in all the right amounts I usually have to buy more than one product. The only thing is that often more than one product will have Folic acid and iron and I am afraid it means I am taking too high a dose of one or the other. ie, Multis often have less than what I need but if I add a single doe it may be too much.

    I'd love to be able to just take one pill but multi's always have vit A which you arent supposed to have (I believe) and often contain, nettles and othe herbs as well which I am not sure I need/want.

    Is it ok to just take a pregnancy supplement while TTC?

    has anyone got a recommendation?

    I am also going to grab some for my Dh. He was on fortel pre conception pills for a while, I thought it was hilarious that the pills were big and black, very manly.
    I am thinking he needs to take ZINC, C, B and FOLIC-ACID.
    Any ideas or opinions on this?

    Any advice would be great!

    Thanks, sassba

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    I'm taking i-folic acid also (blackmores brand) and B vitamins (Blackmores), as i've just come off the pill and was told my b vitamins would be very depleted cos of the pill.

    I think you can start taking a pregnancy vitamin when TTC like Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold, they are good.
    Your partner will need to take multivitamins for men also i believe and Zinc is very important for men i have heard when TTC.

    Good luck!

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    I'm pretty sure it would be just fine to use a pregnancy supplmeent while TTC. It would have all the right amounts of Folic Acid, iron , iodine etc and doesnt have Vitamin A. I am using the Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding one and did so throughout my pregnancy.

    Before I beame pregnant, I used a Herron Womens Multi. It has Iron 5mg, Folic Acid 200mcg and a few others but i dont think it has iodine and it doesnt have A.

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    Just a suggestion, Blackmores are great and are an all in one, however if you have trouble swallowing them which I did, you can take elevit and kelp tablets for the iodine. You still end up taking 2 tabs either way!!

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    Oh and another thing, with Vitamin A it is ok to have it in the regular doses but exceeding the RDI can be dangerous to your unborn baby. Vit A is important in your daily diet and you don't need to deliberately avoid foods with Vit A in it , just don't take a multivitamin or tablets that carry high doses thats all.

    I think some pregnancy vitamins still have Vit A in them but at safe levels.
    its hard to avoid it altogether in your daily diet.
    Good Luck

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    I've been taking Elevit for the past 4 months while TTC, it's one of the first questions my doctor asked when we told her we were trying. Now I just hope my body decides sometime soon to put them to good use!!!

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    ive been taking elevit for almost 3 months now while TTC and i feel great! i also feel good knowing i am taking the BEST vitamin with ALL the necessary requirements for before, during and after pregnancy. good luck and best wishes for TTC!!!

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    Default elivit

    Thanks all,

    I went and bought ELIVIT, but, when I got home I looked closer and theres no iodine in it? I guess I will have to get an extra pill after all.
    I looked at the blackmores but I didnt really want a gelatine capsule, I've just always had a bit of a yuck feeling about gelatine. They do make some from corn startch or something but not the pregnancy ones. They also looked pretty big!

    thanks for all your ideas.


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    i have taken elevit for both my pgs and haven't required any idoine, so I wouldn't worry about that, however do discuss it with your ob if you are concerned.
    I feel great (due in august with no.2) and my energy levels have been good - I put this down to elevit and a good diet with moderate exercise and sleep.
    Lots of luck

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    Zinc and folate at the time of conception is vital.
    take Zinc alone at night ad make sure you have 1000mg of Vit c everyday in the 2ww, it is needed for healthy implantation and lots of B-Vitamins, liquid is best, having a berocca daily will do the trick as this will ensure you absorb all the vitamin/s.

    My DD was concieved via AIH/IUI and I did all the above and my Dr put me on the above Dr including Berocca. I'm on the above diet again and trying naturally, this is our last cycle before we do IUI again.

    goodluck lisa.

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    Blackmores: pregnancy and breastfeeding gold is an Australian product, it requires you to take x2 tablets per day.
    Elivit is a European product, which you take x1 tablet a day.
    The concentation of vitamins is slightly higher in the Elivit, but Blackmores is better value for money.

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