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    I know there are some foods you are supposed to avoid when pg. Does this include TTC? I am avoiding alcohol and a few other things. Do you have to avoid mushrooms? Does this include cooked or raw only. I have heard conflicting stories.
    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

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    As far as I'm aware you should eat a healthy diet without too much caffeine & alcohol while TTC. I know a lot of us act as though we are pregnant after ovulation just in case - ie no soft cheeses, alcohol etc etc. For me personally, I let go while AF is here, also for about a week after & will have a drink if I feel like it. Otherwise I act as though I am pregnant for the rest of the month.

    I'm not a mushroom eater, so have no idea about that sorry.

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    i've never heard the mushrooms story - will be watching with interest cause I always eat mushrooms (cooked usually) whether TTC or pregnant.

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    It was just something I heard on the National Geographic programme the other night. I would love it if there was a thread, or someone could point me to a reliable source of what you actually can and cannot eat. There is just so many conflicting stories around I get so confused.

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