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Thread: Found a dr willing to find out why we are having trouble now i need your help!

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    Default Found a dr willing to find out why we are having trouble now i need your help!

    ok i have finally found a dr willing to listen.
    I am off for a blood test to try and get to the bottom of my somewhat irregular cycles and if anything else comes up that would show a problem for ttc.
    What kinds of tests should i be asking for? A little information it took 2 years of ttc to get DD2 and we have now been ttc since november so 8 months. My cycles are usually 31 days but last cycle i was 8 days late with no explanation little things like this have started happening.

    Also ive been put back on my anti depressants which are Avanza SolTab Im not quite sure how safe these are whilst TTC the dr is going to follow this up in 3 weeks when i have my next appt with him but I want to know now, might have to google but i thought personal experience may come from here too.

    Anything else infowise you can give me now i have a dr that listens would be so helpful

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    I just wanted to say that I'm so glad you've found a helpful Dr, Mrs S. I can't give any advice I'm afraid, but I hope you get some answers soon.

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    Nikkie, I rarely come in here and don't have any answers for you, but thought it might be wise to pop into the LTTTC girls to see if they could help you out?

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