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Thread: A friends story....and our local doctor

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    Default A friends story....and our local doctor

    I am friends with a lady in her 40's who is pregnant with her 4th child - she is now a bit over 14 weeks.
    About 6 weeks ago she saw our local GP (who thinks he knows everything), he now has an ultrasound machine in his surgery so he did an ultrasound (don't think he's an acutal qualified sonagrapher) - anyway he told my friend, nope can't see anything, you're going to miscarry. She disagreed with him and said that she wasn't accepting that thanks very much, the baby would be find.
    About a month later she went back (why she keeps seeing him I don't know!) and he does another one - lo and behold, a strong heartbeat, all developing fine!
    He said 'I'm going to have to learn to shut my mouth' - yep!

    What if my friend had booked in for a d&c - this is a healthy baby!

    Makes me very mad.

    On a personal note, not baby related, I went to him to get a referall last weekend and had not even sat down when he handed me a script for the flu needle due to my job. I do not have flu needles, they make me sicker than if I don't have one (spent an entire winter with sore throat and runny nose every 2nd week after having one once). I told him he was wasting his time, that I wouldn't have it and was intending throwing the sript in the bin.
    He sat there and argued then said 'what am I going to write on your file, I know, patient refused, whinge, whinge, whinge!'

    Grrrr, that's the problem with living in a country town, you've not got a choice!

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    Thank goodness your friend trusted her instinct and that her pregnancy is all well!

    i have had trouble with a bizzare doctor when out in the country too... my trouble was i had to work with him every day too!

    He had the build of a beanpole and would tell everyone that came in that they were too fat, and was a huge fan of episiotomies, because of all the "tight fannies" in town.

    It makes it hard to see another doctor, when they are the only option.

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    this is why you should see a dr who specializes in gyno.....GP's don't know squat most of the time! i'm sorry to hear what he told your friend and i admire her for not slapping him in the face.

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