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    We are TTC # 3.I have been off depo-provera for 6 months and i still havnt had . I have had two normal cycles. Has anyone else had this problem? I have not had any problem concieving in the past. Any advice?

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    Hey Bec,
    I have not been on Depo, but it is normal to take up to 12 months to fall pg. I know that if you have not had a problem with previous pregnancies, then I am sure that it increases your chances this time. With only two normal cycles under your belt, I wouldn't worry. Are you temping? If so, check that you are "o"ing, and make sure you BD around the right time. There is really on a 4-5 day window there, even if you are perfectly healthy and the eggies and spermies are raring to go. I read somewhere that you only have a 25% chance of getting pg even if all the conditions are perfect.

    I know how it feels tho to be waiting, so fingers crossed for you!

    Wishing you get a "BFP" soon,

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    I agree with what Dragonbub said just see how you go but temping gives you a good idea when you will o i tried for 6mths and nothing i temped for one month and got a BFP...

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    I was on depo for years and it took us 7 months from the return of AF to fall pg. remember that a normal cycle (AF) may not actually be "normal" for a while, I suspect it takes a while for everything to really get back to normal IYKWIM

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