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    Our DS is 5 months and I was wondering if there is a "safety" period to wait before TTC again? If you conceive soon after birth, is there a higher chance of miscarriage? A friend of mine just lost a baby 16 weeks into the pregnancy and I'm concerned about getting pregnant again.

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    I'm wondering a similar thought.

    Baby #1 is due in April and we've thought about trying for number 2 when he's around 8-9 months old. My question was more along the lines of how your body can handle it and if breastfeeding whilst pregnant with number 2 is a danger for anyone?

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    Why 18 months Kate. Sounds like a long time. Was this a medical reason or just so it wouldn't be so hard looking after two young children?

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    Best of luck. You sound like a supermum!

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    My OB said as long as we waited 6 weeks before TTC again it`ll be fine so hat`s what we did once and I conceived #2 when #1 was 5.5 months old, when we conceived #2 we also conceived #3 as well but unfortunately lost one of the babies at 6 weeks but Adrian struggled through and he was born at 41weeks, 5 days.

    Oh I was also exclusively breastfeeding at the time of conceiving #2, I breastfeed #1 until I was 36 weeks pregnant when he decided one day just to self wean himself. It is extremely hard brestfeeding while pg but it can be done.

    It really all depends on the type of birth you had and if you had any problems afterwards as to how long you should wait before TTC again.

    I had a c/s with #1 and a VBAC with #2.

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