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    Question going insane

    hey i am new around here have been reading for the last few days and decided to join...
    my DP and i have only just decided to TTC...
    The thing is i am driving myself insane we bd'd the day after finishing AF as well as 5 days after that which was now only 3 days ago and should be in my non fertile times as far as i know (i am pretty new to this) but for the last few days i have been nautious, incresed sensitivity to smell, strange feelings in the tummy, runny nosed, increased CM, and a nervous feeling in the chest...
    am i crazy or some kind of a hypocondriact? are there other things that can cause all these symptoms at once? could i be? i am so confused lol i did a HPT even though i know its too early and its not even likely i am anyway due to the timing of course that was a ahhhh god damn it i am lost lol

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    I experienced my first pregnancy when I wasn't even pregnant (actually have never been pregnant) - I wanted it so bad, I think my mind started playing tricks on me and I thought my body was acting pregnant.

    TTC is a crazy, exciting, scary, emotional rollercoaster... there are heaps of emotions and heaps of changes taking place in your body...

    Remember it can take a while to achieve a pregnancy... my DH and I are still trying after almost 2 years.

    All the best! Hope your TTC journey is short and sweet, but hang in there if it's not!

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    yeah i dont think your going insane its frustrating huh? with me personally i noticed all these pregnancy symptoms but i think its becasue when i wasnt TTC i wasnt paying attention to my body, then all of a sudden when i am TTC, i am paying attention to my body and all these pregnancy symptoms are popping up lol i hate it. You should come join us in the TTC threads hoping you get that BFP soon!

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    thanks heaps guys will keep u updated on whatever happens

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