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    Just wondering how long after you go off the pill can you expect your period to start? Usually within a week??? I went off it on Monday and still haven't got period yet.... do you think it may take a while for some ppl or just usually within 3 or so days???
    I'm confused

    best wishes to all of you TTC....


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    Hi Renstar
    Did you go off it after you finished a period or did you go off it mid cycle???

    I went off it after I had finished a period..... in that case you are meant to get it approx 28 days after going off it... as per normal cylce.... but everyone can be different and you may end up with a random bleed.

    Good luck with your TTC!!! best wishes and lots of :babydust:

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    Hi Kitty33,
    Thanks for the response. Actually... i've gone off the pill 1 week before the sugar pills are due to begin, reason being is that I think I might be pregnant (missed a pill mid cycle when my fiance and I had sex) so I am not taking any chances and thought best to stop pill straight away as i've been having symptoms (mild cramping, bloated, sore swollen boobs, tender boobs, indigestion/heartburn etc)... these symptoms started 3 days before i went off the pill.... What do you think? Do you think I might get some bleeding soon? If i don't, i could be pregnant perhaps. After all, i did take the pill 12 hrs late one day mid cycle... is it possible i could have ovulated? Most of the time i am so good with taking the pill like clockwork...we aren't TTC just yet but if it happens we'll be really happy!!! (of course!).....
    I am now 12DPO and tested myself this morning, came back neg just as i expected, probably too early for HCG levels (if i am pregnant that is).
    Any thoughts??

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