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Thread: going off the pill and withdrawl bleeds

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    Default going off the pill and withdrawl bleeds

    Hello I am new to this forum,

    I am hoping someone can help me with my question, We are currently TTC #2 and Im a little confused with my cycle.

    I was fortunate enough to get pregnant last time within the first month off the pill.

    This time around, I came off the pill about three days into the active pills after just having AF which started on the 7th May. I assumed that becuase I had only just started on the active pills for three days it shouldnt make much difference, but I was wrong. On the 14th of May I got a withdrawl bleed that only lasted about 3 days but was really heavy. So what I want to know is would I count my cycle from the 7th of May from my last offical AF or do I count it from the withdrawl bleed from the 14th? I was trying to work out when I count my ovulation from? If I was to count it from the 7th I would be due for AF on Sunday 4th June, but If I take it from the 14th I would be due on the 11th.

    The main issue with this is that my boobs have enlarged, and have been sore on my nipples. So Im thinking that maybe I am pregnant, but how could that be ? Woudlnt it be too early to tell?

    Has anyone had this happen to them, and can anyone tell me when you think I would have ovulated from?
    Could I still have ovulated counting from the 7th of May even though I had a withdwrawl bleed on the 14th?
    And lastly, how soon can you do a pregnancy test to get a positive result?

    Sorry if thats confused you all, but Im confused too!!


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    I would count the second withdrawal bleed as CD1 and count from there.

    It is difficult to say when you may have ovulated as you don't mention any signs like EWCM occurring that could give us a clue. It would also depend on whether your cycles are regular or not, and whether you have been off the pill long enough for things to have returned to normal.

    As for when to test - usually a good idea to wait until AF is late. Some tests claim they should work earlier, but I honestly believe it's better to wait.


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    Hi Christine
    I agree with BW take the withdrawal bleed on 14may as CD1 - this would be the start of your first cycle. Depending on how long your cycle was before going on the pill will determine how long you should wait before you test. You would be less than 3wks into your cycle today so the symptoms could be ovulation symptoms rather than pregnancy symptoms.

    If in doubt there is no harm in testing though - you can always buy another one.
    Good luck.

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