hi all,
Firstly let me say a huge HUGE congratulations to Emma for a bfp!!! good work lovey. You must be feeling really happy and very very clever. I am waiting to test:its driving me crazy. Aunty flo isnt due till valentines day. God 7 days. I feel pregnant but could it be i just want it so much. Can i really be that lucky to fall pregnant in my first month trying. i'm really emotional today though,but still dippy. today i washed a cheque;not so smart... Then oprah got me crying ( a segment on child molesterors). I net you get moody when preggers but also when af is coming. God i so want to test,its driving me bonkers. Anyone got any recommendation on what pregnancy test to buy should i need to? Do i really have to wait until af is due before i test? Any ideas on other things i can think about or do to stop making me count the days. i thought about making nappies or knitting some baby clothes;but i don't reckon thats going to help.. God i am so cold today-got two jumpers on Congratulations again to those with a bfp and to those with af, please be brave and strong and positive it has to happen eventually ... at least the bd'ing thing is fun while waiting


All ideas appreciated :-k