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    Hi all,

    I have just joined this forum and would love some advice from all you ladies. We are going to TTC after our wedding in July 06. I am going to the doctors tomorrow for a pre conception check up, what do I have to do/ask??

    I also want the best possible chance of conceiving, any helpful tips/ideas?

    I have read a little about charting, and to be honest I really dont have a clue??? But i would like to do this so I know what is happening with my body and the best time to be trying?

    I know this is a lot, just very new to this and would live to know as much as possible.

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    i would suggest to start temping now so by the time July comes around, you will hopefully know exactly when you ovulate and how your cycles work.

    Its as easy as buying a digital thermometer and taking your temperature either orally or vaginally at the same time each morning.

    then recording it.


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    Okey dokey, here are a few links for you...

    Charting Forum - check this one out for suggestions/questions about charting.

    Pre Conception Care - might give you some ideas of what to ask/do

    Getting Healthy Pre Conception - titale says it all

    I'm just going to lock this thread, but please feel free to continue your discussions in one of those

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