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Thread: Gold Coasters Trying To Conceive

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    Default Gold Coasters Trying To Conceive

    I hope I can post this here, please move it if I can't.

    I moved to the Gold Coast in February 2007 in order to settle down, get married and start a family in a nicer environment. I left behind my family & friends, hoping that I would be able to start a new up here on the Gold Coast. I figured that once I had a baby, my life up here would become more social (as I was in Sydney) & I would make new friends by attending Mothers groups & baby things... My DH & I married in September and have started TTC.

    I am wondering if there are many others out there, like me, who are on the Gold Coast & TTC????

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    Hi Georgi, I'm just going to close this thread, please join into one of the buddy threads already going Also you can check out the QLD forum, here.

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