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Thread: got my bt results

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    Default got my bt results

    Hey guys, i got my progesterone bt results and it was 11.4!!!

    ok so now i want clomid badly but the specialit im seeing now wont see me for another 3 months,.

    So I have just found out that in the suburb that i work there are 2 gynos/obs who bulk bill!! Can you believe that?

    For the past 7 months i have driving into the city and paying for parking and waiting for hours, and being late for work etc etc.

    i just rang and got the appt for tomorrow morning!!!! yay please pray he gives me clomid!

    p.s AF is DEFINATLEY here

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    Thats great news Danni about the appointment.

    Fingers crossed they give you clomid straight away to help you ovulate.

    I know how fustrating it can be to wait for things to happen.

    Good luck !!!!!!!

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    Aww Danni, again, I am so sorry AF turned up. I really hope this new gyno gives you a prescription for Clomid straight away. good luck matey.

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