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Thread: Green Tea suggestions

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    Question Green Tea suggestions

    Hello, Recently someone posted that Green tea is good for increasing the quantity of good CM.

    I love black tea and drink it all day (low caffeine variety) but I find the taste of green tea that I brew at home to be a bit too astringent. But I love the pretend iced green tea that you get at the shops (with lemon flavouring) tho I'm pretty sure there's not actually enough green tea in that to do any good. Or is there?

    So my question is: any suggestions for increasing one's green tea consumption? Any recipes for making it taste nice?

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    Maybe you could get the normal green tea and see if adding lemon makes it taste ok?
    I dont mind the taste of green tea myself, so I dont actually add anything extra to it. I have a Twinings one.

    ETA- I actually remember seeing in coles recently, some flavoured green teas. They had lemon, mint and something else... I cant remember what.
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