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Thread: Hair dye etc while ttc/pregnant

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    this is my first ever post after reading them for a while. It has been so nice to browse the posts for moral support while tying to conceive. Annnywaay...

    This is a little vein but does anyone know what is the official stance on hair dye/bleach? I do need my hair coloured - but would happily wear a hat for nine months if required. At the moment while we are still TTC I only go to the hairdresser every second cycle and in the first few days of the cycle, as far from ovulation as possible.

    I have heard mixed reports regarding hairdye or blonde (peroxide/bleach, not sure?) while pregnant. Some say it's totally fine and others say don't do it if you are at all worried. My hairdresser says no problem but I'm just not sure.

    I'd appreciate any information anyone else has been given, especially if it comes from good authority.

    thanks, sassba32

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    Hey Sassba... i really have no idea... but i truely couldnt imagine it being to harmful (tho i could be totally wrong) im sure someone else around here will know for sure tho

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    Hi Sassba - Im sure i read that foils etc are ok because the product isnt directly on your scalp/skin, whereas all over colour is. Having said that i may be wrong too, but i have had my hair done regularly during my pg (not before 12 qweeks actually) but i get foils. Not sure if i helped or not having read all that - sorry!!!!

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    hi sassba

    my hairdresser told me that having your hair coloured was absolutely fine. during both my pregnancies, i had my hair bleached, coloured and streaked and i never had a problem. the only thing my hairdresser said was that the scalp may be more sensitive during pregnancy so may react more to the dye.

    good luck!


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    Its totally fine matey.. I wouldnt worry about going to the hairdresser at all while ttc or when pg, the chemicals in dye would have to be really really really really strong for it to at all get to your baby or affect ttc and thats not what dye is, so all good.......... You probably take in more chemicals from the air then from hair dye. And hey stopping breathing would be impossible as would not dying your hair for 12+mths ARGH you wouldnt want to go there LOL.......... SO have fun at the hairdresser and go all out.....

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    Yeah as far as I know it is fine, aslong as you are not in a small space with the fumes being really overpowering, one thing to keep in mind and I am sure your hairdresser would know and do this is to keep a close eye on the colour while processing as pregnancy can make things react differently especially things like our hair, I mean before i had any children my hair was very fine and dead straight after 2 children is mega thick and has a slight curl go figure huh LOL, but really you should be fine as long as your haidresser is aware that you are or may be pregnant.

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    I approached a company that deals with organic cosmetics etc. Her advice was to not get my hair dyed as all normal hair dyes contain bleach. Bleach is toxic and can be cumulative. Henna is safe but is a hassle to use. I decided it wasn't worth it. So now I have chronic re-growth but feel this is the right decision for me.

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    Default hairdye etc & living "on hold" while TTC

    Thanks for all your responses!

    It sounds like theres no definitive answer on the hairdye issue?

    I think I'll stick to my current plan and re assess when we get good news. I suppose it's partly a matter of what you are comfortable with but you have to balance that with not getting over anxious about every little thing. This is something I'm told I do lately. I suppose TTC does make me want to have more control because you don't have control a lot of the time. Plus theres the issue of living and acting differently while ttc because you are sort of on hold, waiting for bfp & feeling that you are perhaps pregnant for at least two weeks of every cycle for months on end..........and you start to limit all sorts of fun and or vain things you'd normally do, bungy jumping, deep sea diving, mountain climbing or dyeing your hair.

    Anyway, vanity issues aside I guess regrowth isn't so important in the bigger picture.

    thanks again, sassba32.

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