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Thread: Has anyone conceived naturally after 1st IVF baby?

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    Default Has anyone conceived naturally after 1st IVF baby?

    We tried naturally for 7 yrs to conceive, but ended up on the IVF program and eventually fell preg with DS. He is now 1 and I am ready for another bub now.
    Is there anyone out there who fell preg naturally after IVF? And how long did it take?
    I am not sure how long we should try naturally or weather we should use the frozen embryos that we already have. I feel as though i have a moral obligation to use the frozen embryos All opinions welcome to help me make a decision.

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    I know a couple who had 2 ivf bubs and thought that was it until they found out at 12 weeks they werehaving #3 - #1 is 5 1/2 and #2 is 18 months old.

    Another couple have 1ivf bub and thought that was going to be it and found out at 11 weeks they were having #2 - DS is 3 1/2

    Maybe try for a while naturally - 6 months?? and if not give IVF another go.

    Best of luck

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