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Thread: Has this happened to anyone?

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    Default Has this happened to anyone?

    Not sure whether this is the right place to post this one but here goes...

    With DS 1 I got regular AF back straight after post partum bleeding. With DS 2 (3 months old) I got it back straight away too. The doc said to go on the minipill and I did, only to get AF every two weeks. So I went off after about 1.5 months and haven't had anything since. I did a pregnancy test which came back negative but DH said I could have tested too early. I'm starting to freak out that nothing has happened. Is this common for AF to come and go again? I was so regular straight away with DS 1 that I expected the same with DS2. Any advice? Should I test again? No symptoms except nesting like crazy.

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    Cant help too much here hun, except to say that after bub, AF can be really irregular, even months apart. I am sure there are plenty of women in here who can attest to that. As for me, I didn't get AF until after I stopped BF, about 16 months after DS was born. Feeding can delay things, and maybe the initial AF that you had might have been some post-partum stuff instead of ovulation.

    If you are concerned that you might ovulate unexpectadly, you might need to watch carefully for signs so you can monitor your cycle without having to do too many tests (which are expensive).

    Good luck hun.

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