thread: Having 2nd thoughts TTC #3

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    Unhappy Having 2nd thoughts TTC #3

    We are on our 1st month TTC #3. I am at the end of my cycle and am pretty sure not PG although haven't done a final test.

    I am at that point I am sure you have all been at where having another baby is all I can think about and I really really want it - However my DS1 Jackson is going through a very trying patch (Aspies kid) and DS2 seems to be going through a similar patch, I think in part due to the fact that he copies all of Jackson's behaviours because they are so pronnounced - so in effect it is like I am raising 2 Aspies!!!

    I am starting to question if bringing another baby into the mix at the moment would be a good idea, if I would cope with the lack of sleep when I am not getting all that much now anyway. I suffered from PND with both my boys, but am staying on medication this time throughout the PG so hoping that is going to be a big help.

    Anyone been in a similar sort of situation? Did you decide to wait a bit longer, not have more at all, or did you go for it, and if you did, how did it all work out??

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    Apr 2009

    while i am not a mother...i have had experience with an Aspies kid. i understand that just with one that you have your hands full! lol let alone another child exhibiting the same behavior! i think that if you truly want another child then you should go for it but also think about how your two older children will receive less attention or the baby will receive less attention. while you have an infinite amount of love to go around...mothers have a limited amount of sanity lol. just make sure that there is enough of you to go around. i hope you make the decision that is right for you and God Bless.
    p.s. it should would be nice to have another baby in the house ...wouldn't it?