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Thread: Hello....AF...where are you?

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    12bliss Guest

    Question Hello....AF...where are you?

    So Af is due today - i have absolutely no cramping, over the last week i have had on and off cramping that would last for about 30 seconds and then go. My bb's are still tender but more like bruised up the top on my chest bone.

    I did and HPT yesterday and today (13DPO and 14DPO) i am on my first dose of clomid and there is no sign on the Test line or AF.

    Im pretty sure i ovulated so where is she.... any one else experienced this on Clomid, or not on clomid, and what was your reason for a late period?

    I need help cause this is driving me crazy. I am pretty sure im not preg (no line, no symptoms) and i just want her to hurry up so we can try again....

    Help me please

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    Fire Fly Guest


    12bliss, wish i had an answer to ease your mind. I would wait a week after your af was due to test though becuase now would be to early.
    Usually 5-6wks pg is when your breast get slightly swollen and tender and the m/s starts if you unlucky to suffer it. I only got sore breast and fatigue with #1 so everyone's body react differently.
    Best advice, just relax. Lol, you will get so sick of hearing that comment but it truly is the best advice around.
    Good luck and let us know.

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