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    I just wanted to say hello to everyone as i am a new member. My husband and I decided mid last year that we were ready to expand our family however TTC had to be put on hold as i was diagnosed with Grave's Disease (Hyperthyroidism). I have recently been given the all clear and now we are actively TTC.. I am looking forward to asking lots of question and getting all the advise and support you are all so good at as this will be our first.

    On the offised does any one have any idea how long it takes for your body and ovulation to return tho normal after having an implanon taken out?

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    Nissa Hi , Welcome and good luck with you TTC journey

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    Hey there Nissa_77,
    Glad your all clear from that health issue and actively TTC. I have read posts here that it takes about 3 months on average to get back to normal. Don't you hate hearing that. You just wish you could stop contraception and the next month your ready to go!
    Any how, good luck.

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