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Thread: HELP!!!! cramping has gone!!

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    babymuddle Guest

    Default HELP!!!! cramping has gone!!

    hi I"m 7dpo and for the last five days i've had noticable cramping just above my pubic bone. but when i woke up this morning i can bearly feel it! does that mean the baby might have implanted but now it's gone? and aslo the backpain i was having seems to have eased. I AM SO WORRIED!!!

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    Jenny Guest


    Hi Babymuddle,

    I have just read all your posts. I am not pregnant but from reading on this site pregnancy symptoms can come and go and I think the best thing is that you try and relax and go with the flow. However I do know that is easier said than done! There is a TWW activity list on these forums that may help! IN saying that I am a bit of a stress head (cause we want that BFP) and I have found that reading and getting alot of information helps me.

    Good luck - hope you get that BFP this month.

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    babymuddle Guest

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    thank you jenny. you're probably right it's the not knowing that kills me

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    Hey Babymuddle,
    I got very similar cramping this cycle, as it was my first "o" cycle. It started the first day of O and then continued until AF. I am presuming it is because it is everything getting used to being off the pill. If this is unusual for you then it could be a good sign! You wont know for sure until AF is late or BFP, so don't stress too much. Stress only causes hypersensitivity and then before you know it you will imagine you are getting contractions, and it could be just gas!

    Good luck for next week,

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