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    Emm Guest

    Default Help with cycle day

    Hello Ladies.

    I don't usually post, I just read all your wonderful stories and advice, but today I need help.

    This months cycle is my first cycle off the pill. I want to know if you starting counting the next cycle from the first day you stopped taking the pill or the first day of bleeding. I finished the pill to the end of the cycle (packet) and had a normal period. (last pill taken was on the Friday morning, bleeding started on the Tuesday)

    So I am either on day 30 (from bleeding count)
    or day 33 (counting from last pill)

    Any ideas, help?

    Thanks Girls


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    i would say cd1 is the first day of bleeding!

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    Emm Guest


    Thanks, I will take it as that then.

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    Yup first day of bleeding is CD1.

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    i agree i started counting day one as first day of bleeding last month and i was spot on with ovulationand tracking my next period. it took my body 5 month thought to have a normal cycle which i have just finished it was 34 days. give your body some time to adjust. happy baby dancing.

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    Emm Guest


    Thanks girls.

    I thought it might take my body some time to adjust after being on the pill.

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