thread: Help EWCM???

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    Help EWCM???

    Hi Ladies

    Can anyone give me any info on the following?

    I have been off the pill now for 1 year and 3 months with no luck falling pregnant. I just wanted to know if anyne else has this same problem. I never notice ewcm. It always seems to be thick more like hand cream. I just wanted to know if anyone else has fallen pregnant naturally with out noticing ewcm?

    I do have an appiontment with my doc next week to discuss if this is what is stopping me from falling pregnant.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Bree..
    I haven't been in that situation but I think your first step should be getting a blood test form from your DR.This would be a day 21 test. This will tell whether or not you have ovulated as EWCM is associated with "O". If you do "o" there are some natural ways to increase EWCM. I believe evening primrose oil can and there has been some discussion on Robitussin as well (Yes, It is cough syrup but I am not up with the details of that one). If you are"O"ing but not getting EWCM then you can order preseed (which is a sperm friendly lubricant) online. If it turns out you are not "O"ing then you would need a referal to a fertility specialist. There are drugs they can put you on to "O" and there are procedures such as IUI which once "O"ing can by pass the EWCM problem (A lady I know here on BB did IUI because of no EWCM and she is now UTD with her first bub and I think it was her first try at it) HTH... Good luck with it all Bree and I hope you get your bub soon..
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