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    Default Help Im going nuts

    My last af was on Dec 8th. I ovulate late in cycle and conception date (if it happened) was the 30th December.

    I have loads of symptoms (are they in my head? who knows)

    nausea, pulling feeling in tum , nose bleeds, generally feeling crappy

    I have tested twice with forelife (fortel) last week and tonight with clearblue digital and all bfn

    my cm is way different to pre af and i am totally confused.

    My big dilemma is I am going in for major dental work at 8:00pm tonight and am scared it will harm things if indeed I am pregnant

    What do you all think I should do?
    I have heard some people have not tested positive until later on due to hormone levels not being strong enough. Has this been the case for anyone here??


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    Hi Kayla,
    I hear your dilemma, yes it is possible to be pregnant and for whatever reason it not show on the HPT (there are a couple of ladies on the threads who didn't get positive HPTs for months). The best thing you can do is get yourself to a DR quick smart for HcG tests - make sure you tell them why it's urgent - they might be able the get the results thru for you today.

    Alternatively, when you go to the Dentist, just them you suspect you might be PG. They won't use any drugs etc then that they shouldn't use or they might talk about postponing the work for a bit (middle trimester is the best time to get stuff done).

    ((hugs)) Try not to stress, arm yourself with some real info from the specialists and then you'll be ok. I hope you get the news you are hoping for!

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    Hi Kayla

    I agree with Marydean - also, if it is major work they have probably already done an X-Ray but if not make sure that they don't if you don't have your answers before you go in.

    Best of luck for a BFP and also with the dentist

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    I would love to delay it but I was in emergancy from 2am til 7am monday morning in excrutiating mouth pain. I was screaming like a banshee and would take labour pain anyday over the pain I was in.

    I will just have to mention that there is a possibility I guess as i cant get in to a dr today.

    Shannon hon , I am hoping I am but also hoping I am not just clutching at straws iykwim.
    I see you are pg again. Congratulations girl. Hows things with jessalyn? Shoot me a email at [email protected]

    Thanks Marydean and Taffylou. I feel like I am going crazy

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    Oh, I had exactly the same problem a few months ago. I had really weird pg symptoms and my tooth fell apart. I was 4 days overdue for AF and had to get to a dentist urgently. I went to 2 different doctors that wouldn't test me as they said it was too soon. I told them about the predicament I was in, but they said to wait.

    I hope you don't have the experience I did. I've heard other people say that DRs have tested them before AF was due for similar reasons, so my advice is if you do encounter DRs like I did, keep going till you find one that tests you - it's too important. I think I was just unlucky.

    I actually ended up getting a BFP that month and had an early M/C a couple of days later (at 5 weeks), but I didn't end up getting xrays, I asked them to patch me up to get me by for a few days till I was sure either way.

    Goodluck LumpyLove!!

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