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    Default Help Needed!!

    My gyno put me on Provera for 10 days - I've now finished on this and I got AF, which I assume was the desired result. Only now I'm losing HEAPS of blood, having to change about every 30 minutes, am in so much pain and starting to feel kinda dizzy.

    Obviously I'm gonna try and go to the doc today, but has anyone else had this??

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    Sorry hun, I don't know anything about provera, but with the bleeding you are describing I'd go to the docs straight away. Just go to your local Hospital and see someone ASAP.

    If your feeling dizzy, get someone else to drive you.

    Hope you feel better soon
    Spring xx

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    Eeek, I don't know much about provera, but any blood loss like that is not good!

    Good luck

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