thread: Help Please - 2 weeks late, light spotting & clots

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    Question Help Please - 2 weeks late, light spotting & clots

    After waiting two weeks for my monthly to arrive and three negative home pregnancy tests later it arrived three days ago, started off with very brown blood spotting, then that turned bright red, but still spotting. I expected it to hit hard and the spotting was increasing to being a light flow so I put in a tampon before bed. Early morning I changed that and it was covered in deep red clots.

    I've had the random small clot in my monthly before but nothing to this extent... please comment / advise / provide info I've searched the net and all I have found is clots and heavy periods.

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    Hi Danielle,

    I was in a similar situation to you. The day my period was due I woke up, went to the toilet, wiped myself and there was blood. At lunch time I changed my tampon and there was no blood, just brown type discharge. For 5 days I continued to get the brown spotting/discharge. It was quite light and I didn't need to wear tampon. On CD 32 I started to get pain then I felt a gust like I had just urinated. I went to the toilet and I had reddish brownish blood. I then had a bath and noted tissue like material in the water.

    This had never happened to me so I went to the DRs the following day just to have a chat about it and falling pregnant in general. She seemed to think it was a chemical miscarriage. Apparently 33% of all first pregnancy end this way.

    On a positive, if you did have a chemical miscarriage, it means you can get pregnant! It's a good sign. 1 month later I am pregnant - I think! I just got a faint Pregnancy test tonight!

    Good luck xx