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Thread: help regarding maybe baby

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    Default help regarding maybe baby

    I'm confused about a reading I have on my maybe baby - can anyone help?

    I'm day 26 after a m/c. I thought I O'd about 2 weeks ago (strong ferning around then which went away). I have had some pg symptoms which seem to have gone away in the last couple of days.

    I decided to use the maybe baby (don't know why) today & have found something I've never seen before. I have really long lines with slight short ferning - these are completely different to what I normally see around O. I also have things that kind of look like stars or maybe four leaf clovers (I know that sounds a bit silly).

    Has anyone come across this before? I'd like to know what it could mean.

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    Satya, I found with my maybe baby, that it took a couple of months of recording my observations (I drew pictures every day) alongside CM observations that I started to understand how it changed for me throughout my cycle. It was not as clear cut at the pamphlet in the box said it should be. For that reason, you'll probably find it won't really make sense until you've been checking it across a couple of cycles.

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    Hi Satya,

    I also had some confusion with my Maybe Baby, thanks for replying to my post yest.

    Previously , I've had something like long lines w ferns but not quite ferns with some dots. That was the transitional period before and after the O. I dunno if it's the same as what you saw.

    My friend has used Maybe Baby and got pg just on the 2nd mth. It worked fine for her. I was fine for me too, till this month. This morning, it was totally weird, not clear pebbles, it was fuzzy. Nothing like what the instructions say.
    Oh, also there were times after the transitional and when it's gone to pebbles, a few days had slight ferning. This is not O but your luteal phase that can cause the appearance of ferns just before menstruation. Do you think it could be this?
    Could it be possible that there is some hormonal changes after the m/c that shows up as ferning?

    Maybe Baby is getting me confused, so I think at lunch I will go get an OPK as a double measure. I've also started monitoring mucus, I read a book on the Billings method which helps. There's also a website that explains this. Maybe if you havent tried it yet, this would help?

    All the best. Fingers crossed for you!!
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