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Thread: High temps...still?

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    Default High temps...still?

    I was wondering when is your temp supposed to settle back down after AF? I am on CD7, AF has come and gone (so I'm not pg obviously) but my temps are still the same as they were post - O! They have dropped a fraction but a generally the same, for example my post O range was 36.1 - 36.6 and now my range during and after AF has been 36.1 - 36.4!!
    Any idea what's happening?

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    Are you sure you had a proper AF??
    Just wondering because some girls experience a break through bleed around the time of their normal period but in fact they are pregnant.

    I am not trying to get your hopes up, but it could be a possibilty.

    Also are you taking your temps first thing of a morning?

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    That is a big range kim. Is there a general pattern that you can see? If not are you sure that you did infact O because if you did the temps would stay in the same range. Do you have a FF chart we can have a squiz at?

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    Ok, Here's the link to my FF chart.


    I was previously taking my temp around 6.45am give or take but this past week I have been taking it arouns 10.30 - 11am becasue its school holidays and I have also been working nights this week. You can see on this cycle the 3 white dots on my chart, those times are 6.45ish and the rest are 10.30 -11ish. Whilst the times are a bit funny atm I always take my temp before I do anything, I literally roll over grab the thermo and take it, still half asleep!

    I had a clear thermal shift so I am pretty sure I o'd. Af was (sorry TMI) very heavy for the first few days and bright red, no brown until the last day and that was small amount. But it went for 5 days like normal, so I assumed it was a normal AF. I had alittle more cramping than usual but nothing extreme and vertinaly nothing that need painkillers or interfered with my life at all. I just felt 'icky'.
    Anyway, thanks for the replies, and I look forward to people's opinions about my chart.

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    Your high temps might just be due to later waking times... I would give your body a chance to get over AF and see what happens. I have found every cycle is different.
    Also keep an eye on your CP...

    Keep us informed


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