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Thread: hot feeling in the belly

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    Question hot feeling in the belly

    i now have just under a week of the TWW left to go, along with Af style cramping and nausia i just got this really warm feeling in my belly, like someone had tipped a hot cup of tea in through my belly button, its not painfull jus strange... any ideas?

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    Thats weird havnt felt that b4.... How many days past o are you?? Hope someone else can help..

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    hey i think i am about 8dpo not 100% though AF is due on the 13th and i am begging her to stay the hell away lol...

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    Im joining in the chat STAY AWAY FROM NONI*E* YOU EVIL [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!!!

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    lol haha ta

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